About Us
kerry ray

Ever since I've been able to use my hands to create, I always loved to use bright colors. I also have a love of being out in nature. In my designs, I have come to use a balance of nature, color, and of course a touch of sparkle! Who doesn't love sparkle?

I started making jewelry about 25 years ago. I was intrigued by every facet of jewelry making and have read numerous books, taken every class I could and even studied with a few master jewelers on everything from casting, enameling to jewelry design. I was always able to take what I learned from those classes and teachers and incorporate it into my own unique twist of designs and with my own unique business sense. I didn't want to be like everybody else. To this day, I still stand out after all these years with designs that could be considered fashion forward or just something that you've never seen anything quite like before.

I often hear people express their appreciation for the creativity in my work. I can hear the excitement in their voice as they peruse my table and won't leave until they find the perfect piece that really speaks to them and asks to come home with them. I've been told that my work has the ability the bring out the whimsy, and childlike play that people once knew yet has been so far removed due to this serious society of today that we live in that easily makes us forget what life is really about.

For those that know me, spiritualism is in every fiber of me. I constantly strive to better myself, whether that's opening to new levels of consciousness, either through my own energy work that I have created with the help of longtime mentor, Brookes Greene Barton, or my new endeavor which is Laughter Coaching. When I transform from any modality, and become more unique, I weave that energy through my work with the use of all colors of the rainbow, magic sparkles, and unique designs that entice the viewer into a story of a place that they don't want to leave. I've been told my Mandala art and work in general have a very calming but also playful and healing effect when looked at and enjoyed.

I am a Jack of all trades: Designer, Entrepreneur, Avid Spiritualist and Master Energy Worker. My mission in this life is to bring as much uniqueness to the table as I can and to help others onto that same path. Whether it be through buying my jewelry or accessories, doing energy work with me, taking a Laughter class with me, or just enjoying the visual feasts of color.... my friend, you will get something from this and it will be magical!!!

Customer Quotes

Like many, I am always seeking unique items as gifts or as something special for my home or myself. I have been pleased with the varied items offered, the interesting and colorful designs and the care with which various items have been created. These pieces are a lovely extension and expression of who the talented designer is as an artisan and as a person.